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There is nothing special about us, we are a bunch of human beings which had to look for new opportunities and careers, after employment decreased notably in the oil and gas industry, construction and retail especially in Alberta (Canada).

Immediately after we’ve been let go, you may find experiencing a range of emotions: panic upon saying goodbye to a regular paycheck, exhilaration as you embrace life without a set routine, rage when you reflect on all the long hours you devoted to your former position—the list goes on.

Rather than get caught up in each of these, recognize that they’re all normal.

But then—and this is the tough love talk everyone needs in this situation—move on and focus on the future.

In the case of both our layoffs, multiple colleagues were let go at the same time. Proving the old adage “misery loves company,” we served as our own little support group, commiserating together, motivating each other, and sharing leads.

We are a whole bunch of good people who decided to invest in our personal development, this gave us the reason to change out of the pajamas and practice looking presentable again, but where do we buy our needs?

The idea was born and we decided to take on the new endeavour, to share our new connections and enthusiasm with friends and family and the public, especially in those hard times with affordable pricing and service.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.